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Lights in the corridors and toilets are movement activated and switch off automatically after 5 minutes.

Enter the lounge and turn right.

On the wall are light switches, the three together are for the main strip lights. In the corner is a single switch for the led lights.

The heater controls are in the far corner by the window Press once for 30 minutes, twice in quick succession for 1 hour and three times for 2 hours. 4 presses will switch it off (or once if set to 30 minutes)

Please note the boiler will start and the radiators will switch on after about 5 minutes.

Audio Visual Controls

  1. Switch on laptop.

On completion


Gas Cooker

To switch on the gas cooker:

  1. Press the + button twice on the cooker hood. The hood display will show `F2`
  2. Touch any key on the Gas safe start number pad, the keys should light up.
  3. Enter the keycode 1, 2, 3, 4 then press tick
  4. The air light will switch on, then the gas light. Gas is now available.
  5. To light the gas rings:
    1. Press and turn knob to full flame position.
    1. Light burner using a taper, match or igniter.
    1. Continue to hold knob for 20 secs before release.
    1. Turn knob to the required position.
  6. To light oven:
    1. Turn knob to maximum setting and push in.
    1. Continue to hold knob and press igniter button at 1 sec intervals for a max of 8 times.
    1. Turn knob to the required position.
    1. Should burner fil to light, wait 3 mins ant try again

To switch off the gas cooker.

  1. Turn all gas knobs to off
  2. Press the – button on the extractor until it switches off.
  3. The Gas safe start will detect no air flow and switch off the gas.
  4. Press the STOP button on the gas safe start box to stop the warning beep.

Lincat Water Boiler

Instant hot water (suitable for tea etc.) is available all the time.  Allow to fill and reheat between operations. (doesn`t take long).  Please do not switch off.

Floor Heater

This will automatically switch on and off with the main hall heating. Please leave as switched.

Water Immersion Heater

Text Box: Immersion Heater, located above the sinks in the kitchen. This operates in the same way as the heater in the Main hall but will switch on the hot water immersion heater for the whole building (excluding the changing room showers).
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